Katie Rich, Episode 22: The Garbage Time Podcast with Katie Nolan

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Katie Nolan chats with SNL Weekend Update writer Katie Rich about getting her start in comedy (1:45), her time at Second City (7:45), her worst improv moment (14:05), how she got the job at SNL (18:40), what her first day of work was like (19:30), how her first joke got cut because Seth Meyers couldn't pronounce "Dachshund” (21:10), her Weekend Update joke writing process (24:45), writing for Weekend Update characters (29:30), getting sports jokes on SNL (32:05), her favorite joke she wrote that got cut from the show (35:10), meeting Eli and Peyton Manning at SNL's 40th Anniversary Special (37:50), meeting President Obama (42:05), and how she's feeling about her Chicago Cubs (45:55).