What Was Notre Dame Thinking?

By Bruce Hooley
FOX Sports Ohio
Friday, October 29th, 2010

Just what kind of edge, exactly how much of an advantage comes from studying tape of the average middle-of-the-week college football practice?

It must be huge.

It has to be gigantic, right?

Big enough to tilt the outcome of a game from defeat to victory? So significant it might mean the difference between a post-season spent at home or one worthy of a bowl invitation?

Evidently, because Wednesday at Notre Dame, that never-ending quest for every last ounce of practice footage cost 20-year-old Declan Sullivan his life.

A Notre Dame junior, Sullivan died when a mobile hydraulic scissor lift on which he was taping practice in winds gusting to 51 miles per-hour toppled over, throwing him to the ground and into the street.

It was of paramount importance for Sullivan to be up there, of course, with Notre Dame hovering at 4-4 with a must-win home game against Tulsa coming up on Saturday.

The Irish had no choice but to practice outside that day, despite the National Weather Service issuing a wind advisory for South Bend until 9 o