Week 4 college wrap: Brawn, brain scores for Stanford

By Don Borst

Owen Marecic IS Stanford football.

These days, that means more than the traditional definition of just that he’s a brainiac. With the way Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh plays it, Stanford football is about brawn along with those brains. Sure, the pretty-boy quarterbacks have grown like weeds on The Farm over the years, but it’s the burly men who are determining and will determine the level of success for Harbaugh’s Cardinal editions.

And Marecic is the burliest and brainiest of the lot that laid out Notre Dame, 37-14, to move Stanford to 4-0 for the first time in 24 years.

He’s a starting inside linebacker and the starting fullback. He plays pretty much all the time for the Cardinal, and Saturday he scored on a 1-yard run, and then on the very next play from scrimmage, he picked off a Notre Dame pass and raced 20 yards for another touchdown. That made him the first major-college player in five years to score on offense and defense in the same game and he did it in a span of 13 seconds of the clock.

At 6-1, 244 pounds, Marecic might be the most physically and mentally ell-rounded football player in America — the guy Harbaugh likes to call “the perfect football player,” and who teammates call “the wisest.”

In this day of eligibility questions