Watch as lacrosse player lobs a shot from clear across the field … and scores!

A celebraton of Ravens. 

A high school player from Utah made one of those shots that has to be seen to be believed during a lacrosse game on Wednesday. 

The clock was winding down at the end of the first quarter in the Waterford Ravens-Riverton Silverwolves match when Waterford defender Jacob Mika picked up a loose ball at his team’s own goal. 

As the bells tolled signalling the end of the quarter, Mika lobbed a Hail Mary shot clear across the entire length of the field … that magically made its way into Riverton’s net, eliciting audible gasps of surprise from those at the game. 

Waterford ended up routing Riverton 17-5. 

"I’ve been playing and coaching lacrosse for 35-plus years and I’ve never seen anything like it," Waterford Head Coach Dave Brattin told Utah Lacrosse News.

See for yourself in the video below: 

H/t USA Today.