‘Vinny Rey for President’ provides our comment of the day

By any measure, Sunday was an eventful day in Cincinnati.

The Bengals’ 41-20 win against the Browns included two blocked punts, an interception return for a touchdown, a 74-yard bomb for another score, a fumble returned for a touchdown and a surprising celebration including an officer of the law.

It even had a person in a tiger suit wearing an umbrella and a personalized camouflage jacket.


But before Cincinnati’s record-setting 31-point second quarter, there were also boos from the home fans as quarterback Andy Dalton struggled at the outset of the game.

Teammate Michael Johnson took exception to that reaction and asked for fans to hang with the Bengals and their quarterback through thick and thin. That prompted our Comment of the Day from user “Vinny Rey for President”, who wrote:

Fans had every right to boo. Maybe the offense should try not sleepwalking through the first quarter/half and then the fans won’t boo. When the Bengals fall behind by 13+ for three straight weeks and Dalton plays like Scott Mitchell’s redheaded stepchild, the fans have every right to let them have it.

What do you think?