Vikings’ Allen fined $21K for rough block

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Jared Allen said he didn’t mean any harm when he blocked Chicago Bears guard Lance Louis and knocked him out of the game last Sunday, but the league took issue with the hit anyway, fining the Minnesota Vikings defensive end $21,000.

A league source confirmed Allen was fined for the block, which occurred early in the third quarter of Minnesota’s 28-10 loss at Chicago. Following an interception, Allen hit an unsuspecting Louis hard, leaving his feet and burying his shoulder into Louis’ shoulder and head, knocking Louis to the ground.

On Monday, the Bears put Louis on season-ending injured reserve with a knee injury.

Allen wasn’t penalized on the play and said after Sunday’s game that he had no ill intent on the hit.

“I thought it was a legal hit,” Allen said after the game. “He’s running to make a tackle, so I just went to block him. I never intentionally try to hurt anybody. I turned around, he was running to make a tackle and I threw myself into him to make a block.

“My condolences to him and his family. I never ever try and intentionally hurt anybody. I’m just trying to make a block and spring our guy down the sideline.”

The Bears felt Allen went over the line with the aggressive play.

“Yes, I did,” said coach Lovie Smith according to the Bears’ website. “Jared Allen plays the game a certain way. He’s a good player in our league. But I think there are some plays when you look at them again you say, ‘Hey, we could have done without that.’

“I think our game could do without that play. We have an injured player right now based on it. I think you could have gotten a block a little bit differently. That’s about all I should probably say about it. I’m sure the league will look at it and they’ll give an opinion about what they think.”

It’s the fourth time a Vikings player has been fined the $21,000 total, one of the highest figures handed out, this season.

Rookie safety Harrison Smith was fined $21,000 in the preseason for a hit on a defenseless receiver. He also was given a $15,750 fine for a horse-collar tackle on Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. Linebackers Chad Greenway and Jasper Brinkley also have been fined $21,000 apiece for helmet-to-helmet hits on Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson, with each occurring in separate games this season.

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