Video: Kurt Warner’s Ultimate Football Experience

Michael Strahan, Marshall Faulk, Anquan Boldin and Todd Heap are among the current and former NFL stars who popped into town to support Kurt Warner’s Ultimate Football Experience.

See what Kurt had to say about the event and his transition to retired life, and check out what some of the other captains had to say about Warner and participating in the charity event.

Kurt Warner’s competitive spirit comes out even in a charity event.

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Michael Strahan gives Warner some retirement tips and talks up his hidden talents as a quarterback.

Former Rams great Marshall Faulk discusses his pleasure in helping out his former teammate.

Recently traded Cardinal Anquan Boldin discusses his trade to the Ravens and looking forward to playing with quarterback Joe Flacco.

Former Arizona State great Todd Heap has some fun playing quarterback and welcomes new teammate Anquan Boldin into the Ravens family.