Umpire suspended for Friday’s Twins game

By Ryan Kartje

Originally scheduled to work tonight’s Twins series opener in Milwaukee, umpire Bob Davidson was suspended one game by the Office of the Commissioner on Friday for repeated violations of “standards for situation handling”.
The most recent incident happened Tuesday after Phillies manager Charlie Manuel argued that Davidson had obstructed the view of Phillies catcher Brian Schneider while he attempted to pick up a dropped third strike. The obstruction allowed Astros catcher Jason Castro to reach first base, setting Manuel off.
Davidson ejected Manuel after a few words from the bench, and the two heatedly argued, following the play.
According to a recent Sports Illustrated poll of major league players, Davidson was listed as the fourth-worst umpire in the league.
Davidson will serve his suspension on Friday, leaving a called-up minor league umpire to take his place for the first game of the Brewers-Twins series at Miller Park.

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