Twins postgame reaction

Posted: Oct. 7, 2010 10:00 p.m. CT

Recap some of the most memorable post-game comments following the Twins Game 2 loss to the Yankees Thursday:

Manager Ron Gardenhire on Thursday’s loss:
“It was a tough loss for us, a tough night and we have a big hill to climb. It’s not going to be easy, but it can be done. We’ve seen it done and this club is never going to quit. We’ll give them everything we have when we go to New York and I’m proud of the team for that. It’s very disappointing in front of our fans here to lose two ballgames.”

Carl Pavano on questionable strike call to Lance Berkman in the sixth inning:
“Lead off walks, you can’t do that late in the game, especially against this team. Posada worked a lead off walk and Berkman hit a good pitch. That’s the way I look at it. My job is to make good pitches after that and I didn’t do it. That’s the way I look at it.”

Michael Cuddyer on the Twins’ difficulty against the Yankees:
“It’s tough to explain, seems like they either hold us just enough or score just enough, whatever it is, we haven’t been able to break through. All I can say is hopefully we come out Saturday and are able to do it.”

Jim Thome on the Twins regrouping in New York:
“Anytime you are in the postseason, tension or adrenaline, everything is magnified. When you don’t win games in the postseason, it’s a bummer. We work so hard, so long during the year to get to this point. You want to do well, you want to win games more than anything, I should say. We go there, we got a day off tomorrow, regroup and just go play day-to-day. Don’t worry, don’t really think about anything too much. Just go play.

Twins analyst Ron Coomer:
“The one thing that you’re going to see Saturday, when the Twins play the New York Yankees, is a change in style. They have to change things up because the one thing that you cannot do is just expect to chip away – score a run here, score a run there – and expect to win ballgames against the New York Yankees. Bunting in the first inning to get a guy to second, in hopes that you get a base hit so you score one run, doesn’t get it done. You’re going to have to play for big innings and play American League style baseball against the lineup that can score five, six, seven runs or a four-run inning in a heartbeat. You’re going to have to change the style and do things a little different, look for big innings.