Twins’ minor league club stages fake proposal fail

Apparently the Internet fame game isn’t limited to attention seeking individuals. Teams can get in on it too. From crazy giveaways to celebrity signings, the idea is to get as many people talking as possible.

The New Britain Rock Cats, the Twins’ minor league affiliate, took it to another level last weekend when they posted a video of a proposal gone awry. It was a hit right away, going viral and garnering over 650,000 views as of midday Wednesday.

Turns out, though, it really was too good to be true. The Rock Cats have admitted to staging the fake proposal in an attempt to get the team some attention.

“As soon as we got that crowd reaction we thought it might be a good experiment online,” Rock Cats Executive Vice President Jeff Garner told the New Britain Herald. “From a publicity standpoint, it was how do we keep them guessing and keep it fun. The social media aspect was something that took on a life of its own.”

If what we know about the Internet is true, expect to see more minor league teams replicating this and similar publicity ploys.