Twins chest-painters come up a letter short

My, oh my. Body paint hasn’t looked this bad since Puddy was barred from face painting at Devils games.

There’s so much goodness in this picture that we need a full point by point breakdown in order to truly understand its magnificence.

•             Nice boxers, dudes. You do realize the belt is supposed to keep your pants above the knickers, not enshrine the undies for the world to see, right?

•             Coors tall boys? Could do worse, so this gets a pass.

•             Letter ‘I’ bro, what’s with the helmet? Last time I checked the Royals didn’t play at Wrigley Field, where that head wear might actually come in handy. And is that a fish on top of it?

•             Letter ‘N’ and ‘I’ bros should have taken the cue from their buddy ‘T’ and lost the shades. The field lights aren’t THAT bright at Kauffman Stadium.

•             See all the empty seats around the shirtless men? You guys are putting Pumba to shame.

•             Ah, yes, lest we get any further we should address the cardboard ‘W.’ When you couldn’t get a fifth person to participate, that should have been a clue to ditch the look.

•             However, props for making the cardboard man shirtless. Almost had me fooled there.

•             One more thing, is that white bandana around his neck holding up his head? I don’t even want to know.

Tip of the hat, bros, your creativity to take that fandom on the road is commendable.