Hawk’s first board to Smithsonian

Universally considered to be among the most influential people

to ever ride a skateboard, Tony Hawk, the first skater to ever land

a 900, has made his fair share of history during his time in the

public eye.

Now, the first skateboard Hawk ever rode is making a little

history of its own.

In an

target="_blank">Instagram post Friday, Hawk revealed that his

first skateboard is being donated to the Smithsonian during

target="_blank">Innoskate, a two-day event June 21-22

celebrating “invention and creativity in skate culture.”

src="http://distilleryimage11.ak.instagram.com/bc43dcd8d50911e2adc122000a1f9ace_7.jpg" />

It’s not the first time Hawk has ever handed over one of

his old decks for the sake of history. In January 2011, he


target="_blank">donated a vintage 1980s board to the

Smithsonian after the closing ceremony of the “Quiksilver All

80s All Day Vert Challenge.”