Three Takeaways from the Blue Jackets Win over Minnesota

One: Good things happen when you shoot the puck on net. Columbus had 41 shots on goal against Minnesota tonight. Let me repeat that… 41 shots on goal. They had bodies in front of the net to create traffic and get any rebounds. Once again, 41 shots on goal. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The Blue Jackets never took their foot off the gas. They kept looking to score another goal. That’s the way they have to play if they want to string multiple wins together when they get a lead. Back to back wins is a good feeling, eh?

Three: With this win, Columbus showed that they were playing with confidence. Having the opportunity to go through multiple practices with a somewhat relaxed schedule to start the month of December paid dividends. Confidence is the “key”. With back to back games next Monday/Tuesday, the confidence had better be oozing from their pores. In other words, don’t be content.