Three Takeaways from the Blue Jackets loss to Washington

     One: What you sow, so shall you reap. The Blue Jackets need to start passing the puck with verve. It needs to be tape-to-tape and on target. Too many times, a lackadaisical pass is made, only to be picked off and brought back the other way. With crisp passing comes time and space, an element that is near to nonexistent in their game right now. Head coach Todd Richards said after the game, “We weren’t good enough. We got what we deserved.” 

     Two: Number one leads to number two… Turnovers are something you want to eat from a bakery. They are not something you want to see too many of in your hockey game. The Blue Jackets, many times from lackadaisical passing, turned the puck over too much versus the Capitals. Turnovers lead to odd-man rushes and taking bad and/or lazy penalties. 
     Three (A): Columbus has gotten away from playing with their sticks on the ice. How do you corral the puck along the boards, in a scrum, with your stick in the air? Last season, they were much better at this facet of the game. This is the basics, “Hockey 101”. Play the puck.
     Three (B): When on the power play, get bodies in front of the net. Too many times, the Blue Jackets were content to pass the puck around the perimeter and shoot from long distance. The “dirty area” in front of the goal is a hard, rough and tumble place to work. But, by doing the hard work in the dirty areas, dividends will be reaped.