The Furthest Fall from Grace

Feb. 18th, 2011

Old instincts die hard, and with Art Schlichter they apparently haven’t died yet.

The former Ohio State All-American is back in jail, accused of bilking a 68-year-old widow of more than $1 million, taking essentially everything she had and leaving her so desperate and distraught she contemplated suicide.

That side of Schlichter has been told before.

His trail of unfulfilled promise, broken dreams, bad gambling debts and criminal behavior stretches over three decades.

The only thing that’s changed since he first went to prison is the victims.

It was a ticket-selling scheme that sent him to prison in 2000 and Schlichter is now in the Franklin County Jail in Columbus awaiting state and federal charges because he allegedly stole the widow’s money to parlay Super Bowl tickets into a big payday.

Old instincts indeed die hard with Art Schlichter, including his instincts as a quarterback.

He walked out of his cell and into a visitors’ area Wednesday, expecting to see his former attorney.

Instead, Schlichter saw a linebacker