The All-Stars have arrived!

By: Kori Frederick
February 18, 2011

Friday, 6:45p.m. ET

The All-Stars have arrived! This morning the rookies and the sophomores practiced over at the LA Convention Center at the All-Star Jam Session preparing to face off tonight in primetime at Staples Center.

After the All-Stars got done doing good deeds this morning across LA, they convened with the media at the JW Marriott hotel. Crowds of “tv folk” swarmed around Carmelo Anthony trying to get any word on how much longer he would remain a Denver Nugget. They were disappoitned to find that “mum” was still the word from Camp Melo. It was pretty much a circus.

The circus then travelled two tables over and hounded Kobe Bryant to find out why the Lakers have been playing so poorly lately. Kobe, not surprisingly, did not have a good answer for the question.

I caught up with Atlanta Hawk All-Stars Al Horford and Joe Johnson to talk about their time in LA. Horford talked about playing with Kevin Garnett instead of against him. As a rookie, he said Garnett would hound him and let him know how good he was and how Al needed to respect him. But he said playing together as All-Stars he’s a completely different person, still talking trash though, to the Western Conference All-Stars.

Tonight will be the Celebrity All-Star Game and the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge, sure to be a star-studded event here in LA!

Friday, 4:40 p.m. ET