Pro surfer’s warmup a beach delight

Move over,


target="_blank">Michelle Jenneke , you’ve

got some competition in the category of “Most Awesome

Pre-Competition Dance Routine.”

Her name is Anastasia Ashley, a professional surfer who was born

in Southern California and grew up in Hawaii.

And this is how she stretches (I guess?) before she gets in the


It is at this point that we will remind you of the pre-race

routine put on by Jenneke, the Australian hurdler who became one of

the most famous names in women’s hurdling (and earned herself



target="_blank">spread in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Edition ) with this adorable number at the 2012

Junior World Championships in Barcelona:

So, to recap, you’ve got the twerkin’ surfer:


width="560" />

And the peppy hurdler:


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Who gets your vote?