Stoglin wants to be ‘a better teammate’

Terrell Stoglin was rather introspective following his team’s rough loss to North Carolina, and it seems like he is preparing himself to be a different player next season.

“Personally, I wanted to become a better teammate. I’ve been saying that this past week, that’s been my focus,” the ACC scoring leader said. “As a team, we wanted to make it to the postseason, and we learned so much this year. We are a young team, and I’ve been happy with our team this past week.”
Stoglin has come under scrutiny this season for his shot selection and failures to get his teammates involved during stretches of Maryland’s games. The guy can fill it up, and not many defenders in the league can check him when he is on, but there are times when an off-balance is not the most efficient possession for Mark Turgeon’s squad. His play was generally more team-oriented in Maryland’s two ACC Tournament games, but there were still times when the context of Turgeon’s quote, “…if we put Terrell on the point, we might go 17 possessions where nobody else touches the ball.
Turgeon voiced his approval of Stoglin’s game against North Carolina, but it’s clear his second team All-ACC wasn’t near as please with himself.
Now, we’ll see if those assists totals go up next season.