Stackhouse aspires to become a head coach

Chris Tomasson

There are only three head coaches in the NBA who have never coached anywhere else. Jerry Stackhouse wants to join that club.

The Atlanta guard said he would like to be a broadcaster for awhile before he becomes an NBA head coach.

“I kind of like the Mark Jackson blueprint,’’ he said. “His blueprint is ideal.’’

Jackson is in his first season coaching Golden State. He was a television analyst after his playing career ended in 2004.


other NBA bosses who have no prior coaching experience are Boston’s Doc

Rivers, who took over Orlando in 1999, three years after his playing

career ended, and Houston’s Kevin McHale. But McHale had been in

Minnesota’s front office for a decade before he got his first crack at

coaching as the Timberwolves’ interim boss in 2004-05.


37, also believes he could become an NBA head coach without being an

NBA assistant or coaching anywhere else. He believes his 17-year playing

career has provided him with the ability to run a team.


you’ve (spent) as much time as I’ve had in this league, I think that

speaks for something,’’ Stackhouse said. “I’m not going to say that,

kind of those grunt years, aren’t something meaningful. But I think that

in a sense I’m doing that now. I think I’m ready to (to be a head coach

after) maybe a year away from the players.’’

Stackhouse figures

he’s played the role of an assistant this season with the Hawks. He’s

played in just 17 games, averaging 3.6 points, while spending plenty of

time mentoring teammates.

Over the past four seasons, Stackhouse

has appeared in just 76 games. He missed most of 2008-09 with Dallas due

to an injury, played a half season with Milwaukee in 2009-10 and was

out of the NBA for the rest of the year after a seven-game stint to

start last season with Miami.

Stackhouse then was an analyst for

NBA TV. When his playing career ends, which could be after this season,

Stackhouse might go back to television work. But he’s hoping he might

not be there long before becoming an NBA head coach.

“From my

group (of Hawks teammates), the way they responded to me, I think I can

get a positive response (from players as a head coach),’’ Stackhouse

said. “Because I know the coaches that I’ve played for, the pieces that

I’ve picked from all of them, that I’ve got a system that works . . . I

honestly feel I’ve got enough in my bag with the right pieces around


Stackhouse has had a varied career, having been an All-Star

with Detroit in 2000 and 2001 and a deep reserve the past two seasons.

Heat guard James Jones, Stackhouse’s teammate last season, believes that

could help Stackhouse become an NBA head coach without any coaching


“I’ve gotten a chance to know Stack personally and

I’ve had a chance to see his progression as a player. He knows the game .

. . It’s not like (he’s still playing) for financial reasons. He’s here

more because he wants the experience, as much experience as possible so

he can carry it to the stage of his next basketball development. . .

He’s played every position, every role (in the NBA), from starter to

franchise guy to an injured-reserve, training-camp guy.’’

Stay tuned to see if his next role with an NBA team will be as head coach.