Fan attacks referee with vuvuzela

For many, the most prominent memory of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa isn’t Spain’s thrilling win over the Netherlands in extra time of the championship match, nor is it the United States losing a stunner to Ghana in the Round of 16 — or even the Ghanaians’ even more stunning loss after a blown penalty kick in extra time in the quarterfinals.

No, for many fans around the world (and players, for that matter), the thing that rings loudest in the memory bank is the incessant humming of countless vuvuzelas. But it’s likely safe to say that no one hates the plastic noisemaker more than this South African referee.

In Saturday’s African Premier League match between the Golden Arrows and the Kaiser Chiefs, an incensed fan burst onto the field with vuvuzela in hand, running straight for one unfortunate targeted referee. The fan was able to wallop the ref in the back of the head once before security guards wrangled him off of the field.

The tough referee shook off the blow without breaking a sweat, but at least his life was never actually in any danger. Referees in Lebanon and Argentina have been dealing with more violent attacks over the last few weeks, so this South African referee got off easily.

Check out the attack in the video below: