Some Words from ex-Flyer Shaka Smart

From today’s Dan Patrick Show:

Are you surprised?

“No I knew our guys had this in them. I’m really, really happy for everyone at VCU within our program and everyone that supported us.”

When did you know that you had something a little more special with this team?

“Well I know that we always had it in us and we played very well in our conference tournament, although we did not win the conference championship. Then once we got picked and got the opportunity to go to Dayton and play USC I felt like there was a good chance for us to advance. We won that first game and haven’t looked back.”

How did they pick on you as a kid with the name Shaka?

“Well the obvious reference is my last name is Smart. So a lot of people would say my middle name is “Not” or something like that. There were references to Shaka Khan. There was a movie Shaka Zulu which is about the man I was named after. So little kid stuff but I enjoyed being a little different. I’ll tell you what I never got confused with a classmate that had the same name as me.”