Smoke shop meant no offense with Mathieu ad

The proprietors of Bud’s Glass Joint, perhaps the most famous “head shop” this side of the Mississippi, would like to offer the proverbial peace pipe to Cardinals rookie Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu.

Bud’s got its 15 hours and then some of fame after placing an ad in the Phoenix New Times, an alternative weekly newspaper, reaching out to Mathieu, a third-round draft choice of the Cardinals whose decorated college football ended when he was dismissed from LSU for repeatedly failing drug tests.

The ad went viral on social media, and Bud’s has been reaping the benefits. Well, sort of.

“We thought it was a funny idea, but we didn’t think it would get the attention it’s getting,” admitted Greg Centrone, one of the shop’s co-owners.

So, about all that publicity. Must be good for business?

“Not really, nothing in the shop,” Centrone said. “Just a lot of phone calls. People calling from Louisiana, stuff like that, making sure we’re an actual shop.”

That they are. They are not, however, one of the newly licensed medical marijuana dispensaries that were approved by Arizona voters — though they offer a wide variety of product appealing to the medically needy.

Bud is a real guy. Actually, it’s the nickname of one of the co-owners. The shop opened in the Roosevelt Row arts district in downtown Phoenix on Sept. 1.

It specializes in locally blown glass, and the first Friday of every month it offers glass-blowing demonstrations.

Its website also trumpets vaporizers, hookahs, incense and other smoking accessories, as well as T-shirts from local clothing companies and art from local artists.

And then there’s this: “We are super excited about our ‘sisteen chapel’ ceiling where customers and artists alike have painted something on our ceiling tiles!  We still have some that need painting so stop by and ask for a tile if you want to be part of history.”

Centrone wants Mathieu to know that he’s welcome to be part of that history, and if he were to wander by, the least the shop could do is offer him a discount.

“Absolutely,” he said.

Centrone added that he hopes the Honey Badger wasn’t offended: “We just thought it was funny.”

In the next issue of New Times, due out this Thursday, he says the ad will be replaced. Long gone.

Poof. Or is it puff?