Seasons Change



Posted Nov 22 2010, 3:10 p.m. CT

Due North Outdoors with Bill Sherck


I don’t want the boat to go to storage!!!

Well, we have our first snow in the forecast and I’m sitting here wondering where the heck my fall went.  Last thing I knew, I was in the Due North/Rapid Marine Lund chasing big summer bass!  Okay, let’s get to the updates.  First, we started the grouse season up in Canada with my good friend Harald Lohn.  Harald runs Kabeelo fly-out lodge.   On the way up, quite a sight.  Anyone who travels to Lac Seul , Ear Falls and Red Lake knows the Village Corners.  Quite a big fire there after Labour Day.  Bummer.  That was always our gas and ice cream stop.  Word is they’ll be rebuilt for the 2011 fishing season. 


The Village Corners!!!

Okay,back to Kabeelo. I’ve always gone up there to fish, but turns out Kabeelo’s got some of the best grouse hunting I’ve EVER seen.  Holy smokes we found a lot of birds and we weren’t even hunting with dogs.  We just walked trails and found limits of ruffed grouse (and yes, the walleyes were biting too!). 



From Canada, we snuck down and over to Hayward, Wisconsin where we chased muskies on the fly.  Yep, it can be done!  All I’ll show you, for now, are the flies.


Musky Flies

You get some idea of their size when you see ’em next to a Rapala.  Watch for that story to air in Due North Outdoors sometime in 2011!   I had a week down in Tennessee shooting for one of our national shows, “Destination Polaris” and then got back home just in time for the Minnesota Pheasant Opener.  We had a slow weekend, mainly due to the amount of corn that still stood.  Oh well.  Now the hunting only gets better.  Meantime,  I spent three days on the road last week slowly bringing my open water fishing season to an end.  This trip was all play, no work!   Friday, Mark Perkins and I hit Mille Lacs Lake in search of a big fall musky.  All we found was a dead-calm lake and air temps near 60 degrees.  We never saw a fish.  I think the tulibees are still staging, and not up yet.


54 x 26 Wow!

Buddy Travis Frank had great luck out there on Tuesday.  He’s my musky mentor these days!    Saturday I snuck over to Brainerd and chased walleyes on Gull Lake with Dad.   Heck, we had more fun listening to all the deer hunters banging away in the woods than we did hooking wallies and pike.  Sunday,  I got up early and “road tripped”  south to a favorite lake of buddy Wayne Smith.  Together, we chased smallies and wallies and listened to the Vikes mount a seemingly unsurmountable comeback against the Arizona Cardinals.   Only  thing better than the game?  The fishing!


 About our average size….

 We caught plenty of smallies and even a walleye worth snappin’ a shot of! 


A Nice Fall Walleye!

Up next?  Several pheasant trips and maybe one last largemouth fishing trip, if the weather allows.  I’ll keep you posted!  Meantime, watch for the Due North/Rapid Marine boat to go on sale at Rapid Marine.  Someone’s going to get an incredible deal on an AWESOME 2010 rig!