Sansevere: Vikings vs Bears



Posted: November 14, 2010 5:20 p.m. CT

By Bob Sansevere
Special to

This time, there was no stirring comeback.

This time, the Vikings fell behind and, instead of rallying, fell behind by even more. This time, the Vikings — like their playoff chances — unraveled.

The magic that was there when the Vikings rallied against Arizona was nowhere to be seen Sunday in their 27-13 loss to the Chicago Bears. All that was to be seen was a team in a heap of trouble, a team that would need to win five of its last seven games just to finish 8-8.

And 8-8 isn’t going to get the Vikings in the playoffs. And 9-7 might not do it, either. Which means the Vikings would have to win every game — all seven of them — to finish 10-6 and have a decent chance to make it into the playoffs. 

The playoffs? That’s a laughable notion, at the moment.

There will be a lot more talk this week about whether Brad Childress will keep his job — about whether he should keep his job — than there will be about any postseason run.

When Brett Favre threw that long touchdown pass to Percy Harvin in the second quarter, you had to be thinking that the Vikings had grabbed momentum by the scruff of the neck … that the Vikings were going to put away the Bears … that the Vikings were going to put together a winning streak that would propel them to the postseason. The thought crossed my mind.

And then reality set in.

Reality has set in a lot this season for the Vikings, and the reality is this: they’re just not good enough. Not good enough for a winning streak. Not good enough for the playoffs.

You can talk about how much talent they have. On paper, before the start of the season, they looked like a Super Bowl contender. Now, on paper and in reality, they look like what they are: a 3-6 team in the midst of one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history.