Sansevere: Call-ups offer hope for Twins

Here’s the headline from the other night: Diamond pitched a gem.

Yeah, it’s corny. It’s also true.

Scott Diamond, in his first start of the season, pitched seven scoreless innings and gave the Twins the lift they needed in a 5-0 victory over the Los Angeles Angels.

Diamond sparkled.

I know. I can’t help myself.

On Wednesday night, the 25-year-old from up north — we’re talking Canada, not Duluth — struck out six, allowed just four hits and retired 14 of the last 15 batters he faced.

OK, one more: He was a Diamond in the rough-and-tumble world that has been the Twins’ starting rotation lately.  He was just what the Twins needed.

The same could be said for Brian Dozier. Brought up from Triple-A ball, Dozier is playing shortstop and, the hope is, will be giving the Twins a boost in the batting order.

When a team struggles as the Twins have, changes are inevitable.

Sometimes, they work. Sometimes, not.

The Twins are in the midst of tweaking the roster. Third baseman Danny Valencia, who has been struggling, was sent down, and Francisco Liriano was moved to the bullpen. Meantime, pitcher P.J. Walters was brought up. Walters has been doing a fine job in the minors, going 3-1 with a 2.70 ERA. He pitches this weekend.

The Twins are fortunate to have been able to reach down into the minor leagues and come up with the likes of Diamond, Dozier and Walters.

They all could become part of a new core, part of a new beginning.

Part of a better tomorrow, not to mention an improved present.