Rodgers pied in the face during interview

GREEN BAY, Wis. — As he does every week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers met with the local media following Monday’s practice in front of his locker. This time, things ended very different than usual.

After just one minute of Rodgers answering questions, fullback John Kuhn snuck up from behind him and shoved a towel-full of shaving cream into the NFL MVP’s face.

“This week is really for the young guys,” Rodgers said as he began to answer his third question of the group interview. “We’ve got 75 guys and we have to cut 22 to get down to our beginning-of-the-season roster, so a lot of jobs are up for grabs for those guys.

“I think with the ones (starters) we kind of want to get in, get out and not have anybody go …”

Rodgers then stopped mid-sentence, completely covered in shaving cream.

“That’s it right there,” Rodgers then said, appearing annoyed at the situation and having no idea who had just pulled a prank on him.

Kuhn dashed away from the scene while Rodgers walked to a nearby area where dirty towels were being carted off to be cleaned. Rodgers tried to clear as much from his face as he could, eventually upgrading to a clean towel. But a few seconds later, with media waiting for the interview to reconvene, a member of the Packers public relations staff informed reporters that Rodgers had to shower and get the shaving cream out of his eyes.

That was it. The interview was over and locker rooms were closed to the media.

The next day, after Rodgers had gotten some background information on who Kuhn’s accomplices were, he seemed OK with what had happened.

“I can appreciate a good practical joke,” Rodgers said. “I think in order to be someone who enjoys doing those things, you have to know at some point it’s going to come back to you. I didn’t expect my old partner (long snapper) Brett Goode to be a part of that. He was kind of distracting me in the back and taking my attention over there, while John snuck around and got by (PR staff member Jonathan Butnick) and got me in the face.

“But I respect the prank. But they’ve got to understand when they do it to me, it’s going to come back probably twice as hard. But good pranks are always appreciated.”

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