Ravens looking for punishment of Mike Tomlin by NFL

Upon further review, the Baltimore Ravens aren’t done with the sideline incident involving Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

It appears the Ravens are doing their best to make sure the NFL has to maximum action against Tomlin, who was standing on the field along the Steelers sideline after Jacoby Jones broke free for what became a 73-yard kickoff return. On Monday, the Ravens released a story and video on their official website detailing how Ravens vice president of broadcasting Larry Rosen brought light to the incident, which wasn’t initially caught by NBC TV cameras.

The NFL has said it’s investigating; various reports have said the Steelers face fines and a potential loss of draft picks. Tomlin has said any interference was unintentional.

The Ravens won the game. Had they not, Jones potentially losing out on a touchdown because he tried to miss Tomlin would be an even bigger deal.

In the story released on BaltimoreRavens.com, Rosen said he noticed only after watching Jones following the return, then  waited to show replays in the stadium in order to maximize the crowd reaction.

The video boards in M&T Bank Stadium are among the NFL’s biggest and best. It’s fair to think the Browns’ recently-announced plans to upgrade their scoreboards were made with the Ravens’ setup in mind.