Random thoughts for Wednesday afternoon

By Zac Jackson
Fox Sports Ohio
May 26, 2010

1. The Cavaliers’ coaching search is presumably underway, but it’s not a search that’s going to be over — at least not officially — anytime soon. Maybe not until mid-July. It might feel like mid-July outside today, but that’s a long, long way away. All indications is that the Cavaliers are going for a big-name, big-splash guy; the kind of guy who’s not coming here unless LeBron is coming back and the kind of guy who’s not coming for anything less than the keys to the kingdom, keys to the mint and the promise of having a say in every decision the organization makes (ask Randy Lerner how doing that so often usually works out). Don’t believe for one second that LeBron wouldn’t have some influence in the coaching pick. It might not be direct, public influence, but it will be influence. It might be now, it might be June 29 and it might be July 3rd, but his opinions will be passed somewhere. By somebody. And those opinions will be passed along to the major players, guys who already have jobs (and probably other offers) and will want to explore situations without a whole bunch of people knowing they’re doing so. Must be fun to have a bunch of money and have somebody want to pay you more.

2. I wrote the other day that it’s now or never if Coach K (notice I type that instead of spelling out his name; that’s called “playing it safe” after I spelled it three different ways in two different stories on Monday) is going to leave Duke and take on an NBA challenge. I just don’t think he’s going to. He has it made in Durham — has a lasting legacy and more money than he’ll ever need — and his team probably is the favorite to win another title, which would be his fifth, next spring. He’s just 11 wins short of passing Dean Smith (a big deal in those parts) and can tie John Wooden, with 12, with one more Final Four appearance. Those things matter to these coaches, as they should. Now, coming to the NBA and winning a title would put him in a galaxy all his own, but in doing a risk-reward breakdown I just feel he’ll be turning down the NBA again.

3. I have a feeling I’m going to age considerably between now and July 1. Or July 15. And I’m certainly not the only one.

4. I honestly haven’t been watching the NBA Conference Finals closely. I enjoyed watching a four-minute stretch of the second quarter last night when the Lakers and Suns traded about 12 3-pointers, and I didn’t enjoy watching Boston and Orlando labor to the finish when I turned the game on with 9 minutes left in regulation two nights ago. Defense might win championships, but it didn’t win me over then. Now, I enjoyed watching Vince Carter get ripped, and I certainly enjoyed a quiet Boston Gahhden. I would say the Celtics clamp down and win in six, but I really think the Suns have a chance. I’ll definitely be watching Games 5 and 6 of that one.

5. I wrote a little about my visit to the Bengals Tuesday (here and here) and I’ll be back watching and writing about the Browns Thursday. The sun is supposed to stay out like it’s been. Life is good. Click back then and every day as we try to keep you up with all that’s happening. Apparently I’m even going to have to start paying closer attention to the first-place Reds.

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