Quinn gets nod in Chiefs finale

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – With the Chiefs heading into their final game of this dreadful 2012 season, don’t expect any changes at quarterback.

Brady Quinn will remain the starter, meaning Matt Cassel, benched earlier this season, may have already played his last game in a Chiefs uniform.

Cassel has two years remaining on his contract, but it seems unlikely that present management or new management will keep him in Kansas City considering he would receive $7.5 million next season.

“At this time, Brady is the starter,” Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said Monday. “Everything is subject to evaluation, of course, and if we evaluate it any differently, we will let you know.”

Quinn was brought in as a starter mainly on the premise that he would curb the tide of turnovers the Chiefs were experiencing earlier this season with Cassel at the helm.

But Quinn, who normally takes an ultra-conservative approach to the position, has thrown eight interceptions against just two touchdown passes this season. His passer rating is a woeful 60.8.

Quinn again hurt the Chiefs on Sunday against Indianapolis, throwing a pick-six interception in the first quarter, then throwing a red-zone interception into the end zone in the second half.

“There was one he will tell you he shouldn’t have thrown (the pass in the end zone),” Crennel said. “But on the other one, he was hit as he threw.”

Crennel seemed impressed that Quinn told the media after Sunday’s loss that the loss lay “100 percent” on his shoulders.

“He seems to understand that at the quarterback position, like with the coach, the buck stops here at our table,” Crennel said. “It tells you he is a stand-up guy. He understands the responsibility that goes with the position.”

But turnovers continue to plague Quinn, as well as the rest of the Chiefs’ offense. Running back Jamaal Charles, who was sensational again with 226 yards rushing, coughed up a key fumble in the red zone in the second half.

Charles admitted afterward that his fumble may have cost his team the game.

“If I don’t fumble,” Charles said, “we at least get a field goal. And that changes how we approach things down the stretch.”

But as much as Crennel has preached ball security, the Chiefs still continue to make the same mistakes they did earlier this season.

Is Crennel’s team even paying attention to the coaching staff?

“I think they’re paying attention,” Crennel said. “But sometimes we get to the game itself and the players forget what you told them.”

With only one game remaining this Sunday against Denver, Crennel and his staff will have to work extra hard to keep their players focused.

“You have to guard against them not trying or putting forth their best effort,” Crennel said. “That will be our message this week. It has been our message for awhile now and I think our kids have done a good job of continuing their effort and not pointing fingers.

“I think they will come out and try to end the season on a good note.”

Yet in a season filled with distractions, Crennel had to face another one Monday upon the news that assistant linebackers coach Adam Zimmer was charged with a DUI on Sunday night in Kansas City.

Crennel said he did not know yet if Zimmer would continue to coach this week.

“We are still investigating that incident,” Crennel said. “We do not have all the facts yet. When we do, we will do what is appropriate.”

It was just yet another incident off the field that has challenged Crennel in this trying season.

“A coach once told me that as a head coach you’re going to get three things happen to you everyday that you didn’t expect,” Crennel said. “So you kind of go into (the job) knowing that.”

And has that advice/warning proven to be true?

“I would say yes,” Crennel said. “I’d say there have been three things every day you didn’t see coming.”