Podcast: Could Noel become a tipping point?

The last thing—and perhaps one of the toughest things—to watch in sports is a young man suffer a gruesome injury.

Granted, any injury comes with its share of recognized loss and hardship, but in the case of Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel, who suffered a torn ACL versus Florida last week, the season-ending knee injury comes with its own set of problems.

Projected as one of the top picks in the NBA Draft, did the freshman center hurt his draft stock or potential earnings by way of the injury?

Is it fair for the NBA to keep its age-limit rule in place, forcing talented basketball players like Noel to take the NCAA’s one-and-done route to the pros?

Could the rule soon be coming to an end?

Our duo of Zach Dillard and Jay Clemons discuss the injury, the rules and whether the NBA and/or NCAA is in the wrong.