Pippa shows off her athletic prowess

After virtually upstaging The Royal Wedding, Pippa Middleton took center stage again Saturday at the GE Blenheim Triathlon in Oxfordshire, England.

But instead of turning heads with her fine form, as she did in the tight-fitting gown she wore to sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William on April 29, Pippa was in fine form as a runner.

The 27-year-old stunner completed the 5-kilometer run portion of the triathlon in 25 minutes and 30 seconds, The Mail of London reported Sunday. She was part of a team relay and left the 750-meter swim and 20K bike ride to her teammates.

The team’s total time was 1:27:32.

Her Royal Hotness, as she has been dubbed in Britain, wore a pink-and-gray vest, matching shorts, an expensive pair of Bulgari sunglasses — and, of course, an ankle tag to record her time.

“People were excited to see her,” triathlon official Alex Coulson told The Mail. “The boys completed their courses in good time and joined Pippa to run across the finishing line together.”

An estimated 6,000 spectators turned out for the triathlon, for which Pippa trained daily, according to friends. She also is said to have been seeing a physiotherapist, attending Pilates sessions and playing tennis.

She’s no stranger to athletics, having played field hockey and tennis at Marlborough and Edinburgh University.