Phantom Cam is coming to FOX Sports South networks

Get ready to experience the NBA and NHL like you’ve never seen it


The Phantom Cam is coming to the FOX Sports

South regional networks in December with five games, making its debut on

Tuesday, Dec. 10 when the Atlanta Hawks face the Oklahoma City


“Phantom Cam is an amazing tool that

provides incredible images and detail you simply cannot see with the

naked eye, giving viewers the opportunity to appreciate the power, grace

and skill of today’s athletes in new and different way,” said Randy

Stephens, FOX Sports South/SportSouth executive


With the ability to record close to 2,000

frames per second — the typical slow-motion camera records at 380

frames per second or less — Phantom Cam is able to show live game

action in a whole new way. The frame rate makes it possible to slow down

video with clarity that other cameras can’t pick


Phantom Cam will be featured on the FOX Sports

South and SportSouth throughout the southeast on broadcasts for all of

our NBA and NHL team partners, including:

· Dec.

10: Thunder at Hawks (SportSouth in Hawks

· Dec.

11: Thunder at Grizzlies (SportSouth in Grizzlies

· Dec.

12: Stars at Predators (FOX Sports Tennessee in Tenn., and FOX

Sports South in Ga.)

Dec. 20: Bobcats at Pistons (SportSouth

in Bobcats footprint)

Dec. 23: Blue Jackets at Hurricanes (FOX

Sports Carolinas in Hurricanes footprint)
· Dec. 27: Thunder at

Bobcats (SportSouth in Bobcats footprint)