Packers Notes

By Bill Huber 

October 15, 2010

From the first day of training camp, injuries have been the dominant theme for this year’s Green Bay Packers.

Nonetheless, coach Mike McCarthy swears he’s not frustrated.

“It’s not for me, and I think I answer that question 10 times a year,” McCarthy said on Friday. “I don’t want to sound malicious toward the individuals that are injured, but I do not concern myself with injuries. I really don’t. I think that is what the offseason is for. I think that is the job of the coaches, that’s part of our job to plan. We don’t go in with a very limited game plan as far as how we line players up, the personnel groups that we play in. I feel we prepare for these types of situations from Day 1. It’s part of the game. Yes, we have had a lot, but it is the Packers vs. the Dolphins, period. There are no asterisks in our league, and that’s the way we approach it from Day 1.”

Many fans have wondered whether the training staff is to blame for the early-season onslaught of injuries, but McCarthy does not share that line of thinking. While this year’s injury du jour, so to speak, are shoulder strains, McCarthy found no common ties when reviewing how those injuries occurred to Brandon Chillar, Mark Tauscher and Mike Neal. Other injuries, such as Nick Barnett’s wrist ligament, Morgan Burnett