Packers cheerleader battles online bullying

GREEN BAY, Wis. — One Green Bay Packers cheerleader has decided to take a stand against online bullying. 

Kaitlyn Collins noticed that a picture of her was posted to a Chicago Bears Fan page on Facebook earlier this week with a caption of: “Like if You Agree The Packers Have the Worst Cheerleaders in the NFL!”

It got plenty of reaction, reaching 3,500 likes and 600-plus comments.

According to in Milwaukee, comments included, “Doesn’t get uglier” and “Truly an eyesore,” along with other vulgarity.

That’s when Collins posted a video about it and asked Facebook to take down the post.

Though it took a while, the photo was removed Thursday afternoon with the following message:

“We understand that you are hard core fans, but there’s no need for bullying. We apologize for any hard feelings and encourage everyone to keep this page as a fun experience. Go Bears!”

Newly retired Packers receiver Donald Driver and offensive lineman T.J. Lang both posted re-tweets on their personal Twitter pages in support of Collins.

Unlike most NFL teams, the Packers don’t have their own cheerleading squad, but they do allow cheerleaders from two area colleges to wear Packers gear and play the role during games.

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