Out goes Phil Dawson. In comes…. “Kickalicious?”

On his way out of town, Pro Bowler Phil Dawson remained what he has always been – a class act – taking the time to talk to the Cleveland media, and wishing the best for his hometown of the last 14 years. 

So, how does a team replace a kicker so accurate that he nearly broke Hall of Famer Lou Groza’s point total while a member of the Cleveland Browns?
If you’re Joe Banner, Mike Lombardi and crew, you bring in “Kickalicious”. 

“Kickalicious” is the nickname of Norwegian field goal trick shot artist Havard Rugland, who has earned tryouts with the Jets, Lions, and Browns through his video of various stunts involving kicking a football through a set of uprights. The video apparently so impressed the Browns that they brought in Rugland even while Phil Dawson was saying goodbye to the Cleveland media. 
Here’s what so impressed the Browns brass:

Mr. Rugland has never played a down of American football. So, it will be interesting to see what tricks he might be able to pull off with a 250-pound linebacker bearing down on him. 

– Barry