Our ‘Comment of the Day’ goes to user carbuff350z

Urban Meyer continues to be a hot-button issue for many of our readers. The Buckeyes coach made the decision to release some brief statements on Aaron Hernandez, whom he coached and mentored during his time at Florida.
This, of course opened the flood gates. Ohio State fans are some of the most passionate fans in all of sport, and their ‘haters’ are equally as passionate. 
Today’s ‘Comment of the Day’ actually comes from an unlikely defender of Urb, an admitted LSU fan.

While there were many quality comments to choose from, this one pretty much sums things up…
Without further ado, the comment posted by carbuff350z;
When a highly recruited high school football player is signed, he is treated like he is something special. Alumni backers with large pockets take care of the family with jobs, cars and money. The NCAA should clamp down on this. Then if the kid gets in trouble, that is swept under the rug. Any and ALL big time universities have influential grads that can make a phone call to the DA, Mayor, Police Chief to either lessen the charges or make them go away. I know this for a fact. Major felonies like murder and armed robbery are another matter. 

Being an LSU fan, I do not blame Meyers in the least bit. Hernandez made his own bed…. now let him lie in it instead of blaming others.
So you’re saying the NCAA has a problem they need to address? …And you thought the line at the BMV was long…
Hats off to you today!