Our ‘Comment of the Day’ comes from reader Vernostopils

Today we look back at a recent poll question to find our Comment of the Day. 
It came from FSO reader Vernostopils in response to our inquiry regarding fans’ choice for the Indians’ most valuable player of the first half of the season. 
As far as Vernostopils is concerned, we should look to the outfield for Cleveland’s top player of the first half of 2013: 
Brantley’s out there every game, playing good D. And hasn’t batted under .270 all year. And he can hit anywhere in that line up. Weather its 5th, 7th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, or even 4th. Plus his clutch hitting. If I had a kid that wanted to play baseball I’d point at Michael Brantley and says that’s a ball player. Play like he does, and one day you’ll make it. He’s a big part of why were in this position at the break. Leyland said to Francona, I would love a guy like that on our team. Talking about Brantley. 
What do you think?