Oops! Cowboys punt into giant video board, Bengals get TD on re-kick

Bengals_LMOteroAP.jpegIRVING, Texas (AP) — The Dallas Cowboys would have preferred not to have to kick again after a punt hit the large video boards hanging over the field.

Cowboys punter Chris Jones had a kick Saturday night in a preseason game against Cincinnati that ricocheted off the framework that holds up the two big boards. Officials looked at replays to confirm the kick that still went 47 yards. By rule, the ball was dead and the kick had to be redone.
Brandon Tate returned the re-kick 75 yards for a touchdown.

It was only the second time a punt hit the boards 90 feet above the field. The only other time it happened was in the very first preseason game there in August 2009, when Tennessee’s A.J. Trapasso hit the board.