“oldtimefan” provides our “Comment of the Day”

Cleveland Browns free safety Tashaun Gipson celebrates with fans after scoring a touchdown on an interception against the Chicago Bears during the second quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Ron Schwane/Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns’ loss to the Bears on Sunday seemed all too familiar to our Zac Jackson, and he was not the only one to feel that way.

A FOX Sports Ohio reader going by the moniker “oldtimefan” has first-hand memories of better days for Cleveland’ NFL franchise, and we have chosen his post on Zac’s column as our “Comment of the Day.”

He writes:

Zac I am an old Browns fan dating way back to when the Browns won the championship back in 1964. I was at the game. Several of the Cleveland Browns lived in the city where I resided (Aurora). This team is just too disheartening; I almost wish that they wouldn’t have pushed to have a Browns team/franchise come back here because every year it’s the same old stuff (and we just cannot attract a premier-like coach, Gruden, Cower, or the likes, to come here). We get journeymen, 1st timers. I don’t believe that anyone wants the Browns on their resume, it’s like changing deck chairs on the Titanic, the last 14 years. Very sorry state of affairs (One thing that I do like is the new management, but I still haven’t bought in emotionally, though). Can you blame me? Can you blame others?