Ohio State blew the roof off of Memorial Stadium- Well, sorta

The scoreboard wasn’t the only thing Ohio State damaged in yesterday’s 60-35 victory over Illinois.

We’re speaking figuratively of course about the scoreboard. But the Buckeyes literally did damage to the visitors’ locker room at Memorial Stadium, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune.

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0px;">Ohio State associate athletic director Jerry Emig told

the Tribune that

the Buckeyes damaged some ceiling tiles in the locker room after a

pregame pep


“The players jumped up and raised their helmets and

caused some damage

to the ceiling tiles,” Emig said. “Our managers cleaned it up as best we


Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith contacted Illinois AD Mike Thomas when he heard about the incident and said the school would pay for the damage.

(Original story via Chicagotribune.com)