Norwegian, Russian to square off in World Chess Championship

NEW YORK (AP) A Norwegian who's the highest rated player in chess history faces Russia's top contender this week for the World Chess Championship.

Twenty-five-year-old Magnus Carlsen is the defending champion in the games starting Friday in New York.

Trying to wrest away his title is Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin (SEHR'-gay kahr-YAH'-keen), who's 26.

The tournament's prize purse of over $1 million will be divided 60-40 between the two players.

They'll compete in a building in Manhattan's former Fulton Fish Market, which has been renovated.

Brains get most of the exercise in chess. But the International Olympic Committee considers chess a sport that requires physical endurance.

The New York games will last as long as six hours each, played over three weeks.