No charges planned against Bucs tackle Trueblood


prosecutor says Tampa Bay tackle Jeremy Trueblood won’t face charges

after spending a night in jail following a disturbance at a central

Indiana convenience store.

The 27-year-old

Trueblood was arrested on a preliminary charge of public intoxication

after a 911 caller reported trouble inside the Greenfield store Tuesday


Greenfield police Maj. Derek Towle (TOLL) says the arresting officer reported two men in a car had caused the disturbance.

Hancock County prosecutor Dean Dobbins said Wednesday that Trueblood,

an Indianapolis native, had called his mother for a ride after he and

two friends drank too much while golfing. Dobbins says Trueblood didn’t

leave the car until after the officer stopped it a few blocks away and

threatened to shock him with a stun gun.

Received 07/07/10 11:35 am ET