Monday Musings: Still scoring in Madison

Posted: November 15, 2010, 12:01 a.m. CT

By Mark Concannon

ODD NUMBERS — Did anyone in Wisconsin think the Badger football team (83 points) would outscore the Bucks (79 points) on Saturday?

SOMEBODY SCORED MORE! — Incredibly, UW was not the highest scoring college football team in the land this weekend. Ashland University of Ohio defeated Lake Erie 87-17.

SERIOUS RESERVATIONS — The Packers currently have 10 players on injured reserve, six of whom started at least one game this season. No other NFL team has more than three players on IR who started a game in 2010.

MAKING THEIR POINT — The Packers’ plus-78 point differential was the largest in the NFL through Week 9.

FREQUENT FLIERS-The Packers are one of two NFL teams to play four of their next five games on the road after their bye week. The Rams also must endure that quirk in scheduling.

MADE YOU LOOK! — The Bucks’ boisterous cheering section, Squad 6, fooled Knicks guard Raymond Felton into jacking up a 3-pointer at the end of the first quarter Tuesday night by starting a countdown three seconds early.

TRAINER T — In that same game, Knicks assistant athletic trainer Anthony Goenaga was hit with a technical foul for walking onto the court early to attend to Knicks center Timofev Mozgov.