MLBPA confident in drug-testing program

Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Michael Weiner told reporters Sunday that he and the MLBPA are confident in Major League Baseball’s drug-testing system.

Weiner talked with reporters after a 90-minute meeting with Milwaukee Brewers players Sunday.

Weiner has been talking with each team this spring, explaining pieces of the new collective bargaining agreement, and Ryan Braun’s repealed suspension. Weiner has often been asked how ESPN first obtained the information that Braun had failed a drug test last October.

“Everybody associated with the case is extremely disappointed that it leaked out,” Weiner told “I’m confident — I’m certain, I should say — that the leak was specific to this case. It does not threaten the confidentiality of the program. And as I have said to players who have asked about that, confidentiality is important as any aspect of the program.

“The program has a bunch of different goals, but confidentiality is one of them. If we felt there was any system-wide issue with respect to confidentiality, we really would have a problem. That’s not the case.”

Weiner will head to the Grapefruit League in Florida after completing his visits with clubs in Arizona. After that, he will be back to New York to finalize the new collective bargaining agreement, according to