Report: Man hooks 2,649 fish in 24 hours

A Minnesota man who spent 24 hours straight fishing off a dock on Lake Minnetonka set a new world record to break his 2010 total by more than 500.

Jeff Kolodzinski completed the marathon fishing event Saturday from his post near Maynard’s Restaurant in aid of the nonprofit organization Fishing for Life, catching 2,649 fish, reported.

"The Guinness Book of World Records [challenge] is most fish caught in 24 hours, so we went for the bluegills. They’re smaller — you can catch a bunch of those, as opposed to walleye, musky or pike. So almost all the fish that we caught were bluegills, a few bullheads and a few crappies, but that was really it," the enthusiastic angler said.

The previous year, Kolodzinski set a world record at the catch-and-release event by hooking 2,143 fish in that time period, which was verified by Guinness.

This year’s total was not yet approved by the record book, according to its website.

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