Report: Dad accused of punching son

A Minnesota father was arrested after allegedly punching his son in the face after the boy’s team lost a game in a youth basketball tournament, according to a report by

Police in Lakeville, Minn., about 25 miles outside Minneapolis, arrested 52-year-old Steven Wilson last weekend and charged him with fifth-degree domestic assault.

The outburst unfolded in a hallway outside the gym, and other parents stepped in to separate Wilson from his eighth-grade son. Two witnesses said they never saw the boy throw a punch.

Lakeville police Chief Tom Vonhof said he had never seen such an incident in 30 years on the force.

"Occasionally, everyone sees that parent at the sporting event who’s a little too belligerent, verbally abusive a little bit — but for the police to get called to an event related to it is very unusual," Vonhof said.

Parents said Wilson should be banned from attending further competitions if he is convicted of assault.

After spending the night in the Dakota County Jail, Wilson, who lives in nearby Eagan, posted $10,000 bail Sunday to gain his unconditional release. A fifth-degree assault charge usually carries up to 90 days in jail and a potential $3,000 fine.