Miller: Hey, the Red Sox are here!

Posted: April 14, 2010, 12:27 p.m. CT

By Phil Miller

MINNEAPOLIS — Hey, look everybody — the Red Sox are here!

You may have overlooked them Monday. In all the excitement, they were just faceless guys in appropriately generic grey uniforms. That doesn’t happen to the Sox very often, and I wondered when the schedule came out if the Twins were disappointed that such a popular opponent was making its only visit of the year for a series that the Twins didn’t have any trouble selling out anyway.

Silly thought, though. The Twins aren’t having any trouble selling out ANY series this season. And the resale market looks pretty strong, too — I passed a scalper on the way in who had a fistful of perhaps 40 tickets in his hand. I asked him (said his name was Gene, no last name) if he was worried about selling them all, or having to lower his asking price (which was roughly a 75 percent markup over face value.) He assured me that he could sell three times that many tickets. Hey, got any extras …?

Anyway, the Red Sox have plenty of news, too, but Minnesota may not have noticed because of the shiny new park. David Ortiz is being asked about his slow start, and his future is a hot topic in Boston. Mike Lowell is contemplating his own retirement at the end of the season, and the Sox are still trying to trade him. And Jacoby Ellsbury will be out at least until the weekend, still bothered by bruised ribs.

Those are all baseball topics, not architecture, and Michael Cuddyer was saying before the game that he’s ready for the focus to return to the game. “There was so much going on Monday, it was easy to forget we’re playing a game that counts,” he said. “We’re starting to feel a little settled in, and the game will be front and center today.”

That’s as opposed to his home — Cuddyer said he and his wife Claudia are still living out of boxes, a long way from unpacked. His year-old son Casey doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Kevin Slowey gets the start today, and Ron Gardenhire said he would like to see Slowey get through six innings; he lasted 5 1/3 in Anaheim.

Today’s lineups — Red Sox: Scutaro ss, Pedroia 2b, Martinez c, Youkilis 1b, Ortiz dh, Beltre 3b, Drew rf, Cameron cf, Herida lf. Lackey p

Twins: Span cf, Hudson 2b, Mauer c, Morneau 1b, Cuddyer rf, Kubel dh, Young lf, Hardy ss, Punto 3b. Slowey p.

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