Maybe the worst first pitch you’ve ever seen

It was less than a month ago that former Michigan quarterback and recent Jacksonville Jaguars draft pick Denard Robinson threw out a ceremonial first pitch that was dubbed by some as the worst ever.

But at least his throw, which occurred at Comerica Park before a Detroit Tigers game, only took one hop and still ended up basically going over the plate, requiring minimal effort from the catcher. What happened Monday night at Dodger Stadium took “worst” to a whole new level.

A young woman named Tiffany Hwang, a member of South Korean pop group Girls’ Generation who said she lives in Los Angeles and is part of a family of Dodgers fans, threw out the first pitch prior to the Dodgers’ game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

And despite her best efforts — a lengthy stretching routine followed by an impressively Hideo Nomo-esque windup that was undoubtedly recognized by many at Dodger Stadium — she still was unable to produce a throw that could even generously be described as accurate.

Terrible first pitch? No question. Worst first pitch ever? Possibly.

If it wasn’t, Hwang only has to thank fellow Girls’ Generation singer Jessica Jung, who threw — if “threw” is the right word — a first pitch at a Korean game last year that will live in internet infamy.

Note to all professional baseball teams: Girls’ Generation singers are not good at throwing baseballs.