Manny Ramirez thinks if Jason Giambi can still play, he can too

Manny Ramirez is one step closer to making it back to the majors. His career has already made for quite the story and it’s not over yet. 
Ramirez, who signed a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers on Wednesday, will make his debut with the Triple-A Round Rock Express on Sunday. He will be in the lineup as the DH. 
The former Indians slugger arrived in Texas on Thursday and told reporters he’s in a good place in his life and has learned from his mistakes. Ramirez is optimistic that he can make it back to the big leagues, referencing 41-year old Raul Ibanez and Jason Giambi, 42, as measures for comparison.

Ramirez will receive the league minimum salary, prorated, which he will donate to his church and local charities.