McDonald’s-only man finishes marathon

Joe "McRunner" D’Amico, the long-distance runner who vowed to eat only McDonald’s in the 30 days leading up to the Los Angeles Marathon, beat his own personal best time at the Sunday event and finished 29th overall, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday.

D’Amico, 36, a resident of Palatine, Ill., ran the marathon in two hours, 36 minutes and 13 seconds, beating his previous personal record by 41 seconds.

"It went just as I planned," D’Amico said Sunday after completing the 26.2-mile race. "The course was much tougher than I expected and the wind and rain didn’t help, but I felt strong."

In the month leading up to the marathon, D’Amico ate 99 meals at McDonald’s. His typical daily intake consisted of hotcakes and an Egg McMuffin for breakfast, a grilled chicken sandwich and a large Coke for lunch, and a hamburger and fries for dinner. He allowed himself to drink water and take a daily multivitamin and a runner’s supplement.

He said he took on the personal challenge because he loves McDonald’s and running, and was not trying to make a point. His effort garnered more than 23,000 Facebook fans and raised $27,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

D’Amico said his wife chose the restaurant where they ate Sunday night.

"We managed to walk past a couple of McDonald’s restaurants after the race without stopping," he said. "I’ll probably be back in a McDonald’s sometime next week."